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Reflecting success, strength and standard Best Move Homes.

Having many Years of strong reputation, a sound legacy of success and a high value of quality home renovations, extensions and conversions, is what makes the identity of Best Move Homes. It was founded many years with the vision to evolve as a leading company renovating homes that create lasting impressions and are built to last forever. Commitment to the level of devotion toward achieving excellence and values such as integrity, dependability, leadership and trust have been the inseparable characteristics of the company since its inception. Today, owing to unfailing adherence to its quality standards, principles and ethics, Best Move Homes enjoys recognition to be among the respected builders of London.

At Best Move Homes, we lay emphasis on understanding customer expectations and desires. We believe a home is the foundation for nurturing and expressing one’s lifestyle. We design homes keeping our customers in mind; therefore every home we build reflects the way families and individuals live in today’s contemporary world. It is this unwavering pursuit of customer satisfaction and promise of building communities of excellence that makes us the trusted builder of the new era.

Growth is beyond numbers, years, profits, turnover… It’s a pervasive necessity to be able to survive and an inevitable process to learn, de-learn and re-learn from one’s actions, experiences and surroundings. That’s how with every passing moment one continues to grow and emerge as a stronger and better identity, be it an individual or an organization.

At Best Move Homes, it’s time to cherish and celebrate the journey of a decade of successful home building that has evolved over time to achieve a high level of excellence and customer satisfaction in every project we do. It fills us with great pride and joy as we head toward the bright milestone of our journey with contemporary thoughts and approaches to quality work. Our team will renovate homes with our principles: • We believe in actions & quality in real sense. • We renovate homes with an unwavering commitment, utmost quality and genuine care about customer. • Efficient use of space. • We build sweet homes of next generation with timely completion. • We take care of your dreams of happy homes.

Our Services

Planning / Interior Design (Our Architects and Interior Designers Team)

New Dewlling / Extension / Loft Conversion

Renovation / Interior

Plumbing / Electric (Certified Engineers)

Garden / Driveway